Vince is passionate about the work that he does, and approaches therapy through an empathetic and motivational approach. For many people, the journey toward finding a higher power is as beneficial as the addiction treatment process. As they detox from alcohol or other drugs, they become capable of thinking critically about the important things in life. As they go through therapy and hear the stories of others in recovery, they understand they aren’t alone. Typically attributed to Alexander Hamilton, the quote, “If you don’t stand for something, you’ll fall for anything,” holds much truth in this discussion. This is why recovery treatment programs focus on incorporating spirituality.

A Higher Power for Those Who Don’t Believe in a Higher Power –

A Higher Power for Those Who Don’t Believe in a Higher Power.

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Just know that if you keep swinging, it may be fun for a little while, but eventually, you will grow weary, no opportunity to rest or move forward, or you may fall. Detox without medical supervision can be life-threatening. Discover how we’re providing personalized treatment based on breakthrough research. By submitting this form, I agree to be contacted by Rehab After Work. One of our experienced intake professionals will contact you shortly to discuss your treatment and recovery options. We respect your privacy, and all information shared with us is completely confidential. Spirituality, while not a relative concept, is one that has many perspectives.

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“Some say things happen the way they’re supposed to; others say they happen the way they happen. The latter gets at the idea that the universe is moving in some fashion, and there is little we as humans can do about where it’s going. “Love is an infinite resource—and it’s a powerful one.

There is a misconception that having a Higher Power means believing in God or the teachings of a specific religion; this is not the case. While there are recovery programs for those who follow a specific religion, there are also many recovery programs that do not present any one set of beliefs onto you. Instead, these recovery programs refer to a Higher Power of your own choosing, meaning you can choose what you want your Higher Power to be. Working the twelve steps while not believing in a higher power is a little tricky, however. Every person is their own, has their own thoughts and beliefs and way of coping. There is a strong sense of community in a twelve step meeting, and it is that very sense of community that keeps many struggling alcoholics and addicts sober.

Varieties of Religious Experience uses the singular term “higher power” four times, and the plural “higher powers” seven times, to refer to powers beyond the self that may provide assistance. And the crazy ironic thing is, in spite of all my railing against the 12 steps and whatever, that same answer that I came to on my own was there written down in the 12-step literature all the time. But then, when I was 18, I got strung out on crystal meth and I had to go to rehab for the first time. That’s when everything changed—or, well, when everything had to change. And not just anti-religious, but anti-God and anti-spirituality all together. Practicing humility can often help you see your shortcomings more clearly so you can successfully overcome them. This step allows you to lay everything on the table so you can feel freer and relieve any anxiety, depression, stress, or other negative emotions that are weighing you down.

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Celebrate Recovery was founded by a group of Christians who criticized the higher power concept as being too vague. In the twelve-step derived group, Jesus is the only higher power allowed. Questions about Suboxone are some of the most frequent search terms that bring people to The Fix…. Sometimes backing off means being terribly scared and uncomfortable… “I would not only decriminalize opiates for personal use but I…

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A higher power in context of a 12-Step program can mean anything that is outside the self. The main benefit of utilizing the higher power concept is that it each person can conceptualize their higher power as they wish. It makes it possible for a Christian to follow the steps alongside a Buddhist, an agnostic or even struggling with alcohol an atheist. Choosing to believe in reality as a higher power may be the perfect choice for someone who does not believe in a God. Sought through prayer and meditation to improve our conscious contact with God as we understood Him, praying only for knowledge of His will for us and the power to carry that out.

The Benefits Of Accepting A Higher Power In Recovery

It can be helpful to choose a program that allows you to integrate these joyful things into your treatment and daily routine so you can again develop a sense of purpose, fulfillment, hope, and happiness. Some rehabs highlight various diets, or offer yoga, outdoor activities, and art classes or art therapy.

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When in the middle of addiction, many people’s Higher Power becomes the substance they are abusing. It is something outside of themselves; something that they turn to often; something to which they have given their power, their will, and their life. Embrace the healthy changes, and whatever help there is out there for you. Trapeze artists have to completely let go of the bar as they leap through the air, arms outstretched to grasp the next bar.

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Aftercare resources such as 12-step groups, sober living homes and support for family and friends promote a life rich with rewarding relationships and meaning. There are a number of religions including Christianity, Catholicism, Judaism, Islam, Buddhism, Hinduism, etc., that people find strength and support in. Each of these religions have their own set of beliefs and traditions that fall in line with the values they hold most dear. They practice their spiritual beliefs through methods like prayer and meditation, worship of God or gods and attendance of religious services. 12-step programs allow the individual to decide who or what they recognize as their higher power; nobody will be forced to pray to God.

Once a purpose or passion is known to us, we can dedicate our lives to practicing it. The concept of a higher power also gives many people a sense of purpose, which is instrumental during addiction recovery. You need to believe there is a purpose to recovering from your addiction, or will likely find yourself unmotivated. 12-step programs have proven to be an excellent tool in helping people recover from addiction. Many non-religious people engaged in 12-step programs worldwide have managed to find alternatives to God as their version of a higher power.

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For those who can fully accept the second step of AA and embrace a Higher Power, it can have tremendous benefits in their recovery journey and their life journey as a whole. First and foremost, those who can learn to lean on a Higher Power in their recovery will feel less overwhelmed with the process. When people can rely on a power greater than Alcohol themselves they can draw strength from that belief and it makes it easier to forgive others and let go of resentments. If you don’t believe in a God, it’s still important for you to choose something that will be your very own personal higher power. There is no need to feel pressured by the choices of other individuals in your drug rehab program.

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What is worth noting is the difference between spirituality and religion. While religion cannot exist without the former, spirituality can exist outside of the constructs of a certain religion or doctrine. Some studies find that this—the measure of a person’s spirituality—is what make the difference in recovery.

Please click here to learn about our coronavirus response and prioritizing your health. We offer 100% confidential assessment and therapy tailored to your individual needs. Continued to take personal inventory and when we were wrong promptly admitted it. Made a decision to turn our will and our lives over to the care of God as we understood Him. We admitted we were powerless over alcohol—that our lives had become unmanageable. As such, much of AA literature was inspired by their beliefs.

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If you wish to contact a specific rehab facility then find a specific rehab facility using our treatment locator page or visit Others find inner peace through activities, such as walking, running, meditating or dancing. Some people reconnect with society by joining sports teams or recreational clubs. Others find purpose by painting, drawing, sculpting, writing or by participating in other creative activities.

What Is Step 2?

Alternatively, if your higher power is a concept rather than an entity, focus on how it makes you feel and what it may empower you to achieve. Choose a spiritual or mindful practice that feels most comfortable to you and open your mind to make room for positive emotions such as compassion, empathy, and love.

  • Faith, be it spirituality or a specific religion, is absolutely vital to the success of one’s addiction recovery.
  • It returns me to my center where I feel goodness and life.
  • If it makes you feel more comfortable to only share with your higher power, stick to doing that until you are ready to confide in another person.
  • This step is applicable to people of all faiths and beliefs, as it gives hope that you really can be restored to sanity by whatever your Higher Power is.

Seven of the twelve steps directly mention God as we understand him. Nowhere do the twelve steps acknowledge a person’s own strength and conviction as the power behind the motivation to get sober. In most cases, addicts have either always struggled to connect with God, their Higher Power, or their sense of purpose; or, in some way, they got disconnected along the way.

At the end of each meeting, they instead state Live and Let live, in unison. That’s why many who attend the 12-step programs are atheists or agnostic. Belief in a traditional God is not at all necessary to benefit from the 12-step program. No one in the program will ask you about any God, make you say any of the statements, or, heck – make you say or do anything you don’t want to say or do. The only requirement for membership, as AA states, is a desire to stop drinking . The support group is there for your benefit, and you can take from it whatever you like—and leave the rest.